“I believe everyone should have access 
to the highest level of horsemanship they 
desire, regardless of the saddle they ride in, 
the clothes they wear, or the horse they ride.”

 – Jeff Wilson   @cowboy_horseman

     Hello, my name is Jeff Wilson, and I’d like to invite you into a world of horsemanship that is still mostly undiscovered by horse folks! Did you know that dressage is the foundation of riding? Whether you fully understand that or not, come join me in exploring new opportunities for you and your horse. I guarantee you will discover something new!

     I believe everyone should have access to the highest level of training they desire, regardless of the tack they use, the horse they own, or the clothes they ride in.

     The main element of a Jeff Wilson Clinic is to bring your horse into a relaxed mindset and focus for riding safety on the trail or in an arena. Organizing your horse, before and during a test, or just for everyday riding, are taught.

Preparing Your Horse (and You) For Western Dressage
     Clinic overview: Clinics are always fun, while focused on learning the basics of dressage horsemanship. Since most riders haven’t had a lot of input into what dressage is, suppleness, looseness, and balance are revolutionary. Since they also have the potential to solve most behavioral issues, they are essential information for riding safely in an arena, or trail.

     Schedule for Day One begins on the ground beside your horse. Instruction to the horse from you starts there and then transfers to the saddle in the afternoon. You can ride as hard and as far as you desire with the content. Riders are instructed in a group as well as individually at the level they and their horse have currently achieved.

     Schedule for Day Two begins with riding a review session with new information added that’s pertinent for the particular group. (In a three day clinic all the information for the day would be new.) In the afternoon session, riders ride tests that encompass clinic curriculum, and, at each personal level of achievement, individualized patterns are added. In other words, if you and your horse worked on lead departures, they will be in the test. Some clinics are broken down in the afternoon sessions into semi-private groups for various reasons.

     Don’t see a clinic within a reachable distance for you? Write to us at clinics@jeffwilsoncowboydressage.com and ask about a clinic in your area.

who is
jeff wilson?

I have been training horses for over 35 years and value the western horse lifestyle in my approach to training. Giving clinics and seminars on how to reach your full potential with your horse through the training foundation of Cowboy Dressage keeps me young.

what people are saying

"Jeff, I just wanted to say thank you for transforming my horse and myself in a matter of minutes. I absorbed more from my 1 hour group lesson from you than I have in YEARS of lessons. Lateral movements have always been a topic in lessons, but nobody ever took the time to explain it quite like you did! Who knew my naturally high headed, excited mare, would want to stretch out and seek contact on her snaffle? I'm sure if my mare could type she would like to thank you herself. I look forward to participating in more clinics with you!" Happy trails, Nikki (owner of the buckskin mare)

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