Horse Training


I believe, whether it’s to ride safer or become a better partner with your horse, your personal goals can only be attainable through a happy horse.

I have found the horsemanship path can be life changing and transformative, but only when key elements are met. Things like proper dental and hoof care, saddle fit and nutrition, because no pain, or distress is tolerable. Everyday I have to trust that each horse I ride is comfortable, and you should too.

I’ve been training horses for nearly 40 years. Seen a lot of amazing horses and people, and I’ve also seen a lot of pain points that went unresolved. That’s not enough for me, so I’ve compiled a method with principles from hundreds of years ago, sifted through the natural horsemanship filter, and plopped it into cowboy boots. And there you have it, a way I truly believe in, stand behind, and ride on.

The Complete Horse Method has changed people’s and horses’ lives before my eyes. I live to pass it on.